Podnet Switch

helps you save upto 40% on electricity bills.

Powered by Machine Learning and IoT

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Our Solution

A commercial building wastes upto 50% of energy it consumes - however this can all be addressed using data. Podnet has unlocked the potential of energy analytics and created an entirely new way to improve building’s energy efficiency.

Gives you the power of data

We let you dive deep into energy consumption patterns in your building through an analytics dashboard that is easy to use and is accessible from any web browser. Switch enables you to break down the power of data to understand how power is being used.

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Lets Automate Load Control

Automate control of electrical appliances as per the rules that you define. Improve your user experience with automation without sacrificing energy efficiency.

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Lets You Track Energy Goals

Podnet Switch lets you set monthly energy targets for your team. It gives you real-time updates to know how you are performing against your defined monthly target.

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Is simple to Install

Switch is a small but powerful computer installed in your electrical panel. All you need to do is get your electrician to get on a call with us, our phone experts will guide him to install Switch in less than 1 hour.

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Decreases carbon footprint

In today’s time when global warming is not a distant reality. Our technology helps you reduce your carbon footprint as an organization and reinforce your company’s values to stakeholders.

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How does it work?

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Smart Hardware

Podnet deploys hardwares in your building’s electrical panel and smart sockets on top of various outlets in your building. This we monitor all critical appliances and overall electricity consumption of your building.

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Vital information on your building’s overall electricity consumption & critical appliances is then sent to the cloud. Podnet then uses advanced algorithms to help you analyse data using charts & graphs.

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Automate and Control

Based on the insights that you derive you can define rules to control critical appliances in the building. This helps you to eliminate electricity wastage due to human error or bad equipment condition.

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Save On Electricity Bill

With the right automations in place and regular monitoring of your electricity consumption you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and can expect upto 40% reduction on your electricity bill.

Product roadmap

October 2019
Came up with the idea
January 2020
Got our first prototype ready usings COTS
February 2020
Deployed our prototypes in 2 building for alpha testing
At Present
Looking for pre-orders
October 2020
Ship first 25 orders
October 2020
Ship first 25-50 orders

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