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From a team of passionate developers and tinkerers working side-by-side with our partners to deliver perfect IoT solution.


Smart Energy Management.

Podnet's Smart Energy Management solution, empower building owners, companies and facility managers to cut down electricity cost by tracking their electricity consumption in real-time, giving valuable insights on their electricity consumption, and allowing them to control electric supply remotely.


Smart Utility Metering.

When it comes to resource consumption, smart metering is a way for businesses to not only keep track of how much energy they're using, but to collect data to make in-depth analyses of usage. Smart meters are devices for measuring usage of certain utilities and other consumable resources. With Podnet’s smart metering solutions you can reduce discrepancies in meter reading, optimize resource utilization and achieve higher productivity.


Smart Waste Management.

Management of waste is at the highest priorities of housing complexes, corporate campuses and municipalities. With Podnet’s smart waste management solution you can monitor the amount of waste produced, what is the status of the waste in public bins, incentiwise people for segregating waste and pay their waste disposal bills online.


Custom Solutions.

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