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How does it work?

Low Power Wide Area Network

IoT manufacturers and enthusiasts can connect their IoT devices with Podnet’s citywide network in just 3 lines of code.


Why choose Us?

Low Power.

Modules that communicate with our network consume extremely low power.


Connect your IoT devices to Podnet at a fraction of a cost when compared to a cellular network.

Wide area coverage

A city wide network coverage ensure your devices are always connected.


A great support from our side to help you onboard your IoT devices onto our network.

Use Cases of our Network

Smart City

With a city wide network, cities can connect their lighting, traffic controls, pollution monitoring IoT devices onto a single network to handle all the data.

Smart Industry

Manufacturing plants require systems for monitoring their machinery, workers and other events on a real time basis. Private network deployment solves this issue for Industries.

Smart Building

Smart Buildings need capabilities like tracking electricity consumption, smart waste management, health of heavy appliances, smoke sensors etc. Our network is ideal for most applications in smart buildings.

Asset Tracking

Businesses and households need to track valuable assets like vehicles, pets, delivery packages, food items, appliances etc. Our citywide network is ideal for this application.

Smart Parking

Facility & Parking management businesses need smart parking management capability, to manage and monetise parking in a data driven fashion. Our network is ideal for providing connectivity to sensors even in deep underground parkings.

Smart Supply Chain

Businesses need capability to track various parameters of the products from manufacturing unit to the outlet. Our citywide network is ideal to provide vital connectivity for real time tracking of these products throughout the supply chain.

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